Programme (PDF version)


Borja Balle (Amazon Research Cambridge)

Spectral algorithms for automata learning

Richard Evans (DeepMind)

Inductive logic programming and deep learning

Hado van Hasselt (DeepMind)

Reinforcement learning

Nina Gierasimczuk (Technical University of Denmark)

Learning and epistemic modal logic

Varun Kanade (University of Oxford)

Statistical learning theory

Guy Katz (Stanford University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Verification of machine learning programs

Jan Křetínský (Technical University of Munich)

Learning for verification

Stephen H. Muggleton (Imperial College London)

Inductive logic programming

Doina Precup (McGill University and DeepMind)

Reinforcement learning

Dan Roy (University of Toronto)

Bayesian learning

James Worrell (University of Oxford)

Computational learning theory